Guys, in one of our previous small group sessions, we talked about how important it is to rest in Christ.  NO, not sleep!  We talked about Practicing the Presence of God, and that it is the most important thing we should be doing every day.  Just like lifting weights, we have to “Inhale God’s Presence” to “Exhale” God’s will.  During this process we are tearing spiritual muscle fiber, and as we rest, the muscle repairs itself and grows, and over time, we grow and produce Fruit, which is the result of the response to God’s will.  This leads to spiritual wisdom and maturity, and a way of life.

Make sense?  I’d like to find out from you the types of things you do to re-create and re-energize your spiritual muscles.  When you inhale God’s presence, how do you do that?  Don’t give us a list of things you “should be doing”, and don’t write down things you don’t enjoy doing.  If you think you need to read the Bible every day but you don’t enjoy doing it, then maybe God wants to communicate with you in a different way.  God’s Word is incredibly important, but how we approach that is different for everyone.

So what is it for you?  Fishing? Morning Walks? 5 minute devotionals?  Prayer & Solitude? One-on-One relationships? Bible Study? Connecting with your wife and kids in a certain way?  Random acts of kindness? Inspiring Movies, Books, or Music?

What charges your spiritual batteries?  What kind of rhythm do you need to create to say in God’s presence consistently?

Looking forward to responses.


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