We are a group of Christian Men dedicated to sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and battling to be the men God created us to be.  To be men of men…to lead others to Christ…to reach out to those searching and to those unaware.  We will strive to be righteous men; loyal to each other and to the Lord.  We will be there for each other in good times and in rough times.  We will pray for each other regularly and we will trust the Lord to lead us down the path of His choosing.

Our Story

About Us

We are a group of men that met while playing morning basketball.  One of the guys went on a limb and started a men’s bible study.  30 guys showed up and the Men’s Christian Hoops Group was formed!  Out of that experience, a subset of the group decided to do life together and we named ourselves the Band of Brothers.  This is a concept that came from a retreat we attended, using the book Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge.  As we continued to grow, we expanded our mission, and were blessed by more men that wanted a relationship with Jesus and to connect with other brothers in Christ.  After years of bible study, prayer, accountability, outreach, and the love and support of each other, we formed a non-profit corporation called the “Band of Brothers Michigan”, and God has us on an even bigger adventure.  We look forward to continuing to live the Gospel and do our part in God’s Kingdom, and we plan on having a lot of fun along the way.


Here is what you can expect in this month’s article. First, I want to give you some facts about the bible so that you can understand its authenticity and how it has stood up to the test of scrutiny, like no other historical document, for 3,500 years. Then we are going... read more

What are you fighting for?

A big problem today is that many of us have a false identity based on lies.  We have an enemy that wants to keep us stuck, and alone.  We are made in the image and the likeness of our Creator to fight a battle that is right, just, true, and greater than ourselves. ... read more

The BoB Mid-Year Report: July 2017

We hope you are having an awesome summer.  Still plenty of time for some fun in the sun until football season and school starts back up. The BoB mid-year report is short and sweet.  Please click on the link below for mid-year highlights, upcoming events, and stay... read more


My husband Jay has a dangerously high PSA number. Please pray it will soon go way down & that he WILL NOT get prostate cancer! He also needs healing for his never-ending tinnitus! Lord bless. In Christ alone, Wanda Edwards read more

“A Prayer of St. Frances of Assissi” for BoB

Blessed is he who loves and does not therefore desire to be loved; blessed is he who fears and does not therefore desire to be feared; blessed is he who serves and does not therefore desire to be served; blessed is he who behaves well toward others and does not desire... read more

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