Monthly BoB Open House Fellowship

Brothers – Happy Spring (almost)! March’sOpen House will be on the 3rd Monday, Mar 19 @ 7:00-8:30 (doors openat 6:30). We will be at Brother Loren Siffring’s home in Rochester Hills for anevening focused on helping our daughters by fighting human trafficking, righthere in the metropolitan area. Bryon Rossi, is leading a team of men in SoutheasternMI who participate in active disruption of local sex-trafficking online at thepoint of sale, man-to-man. Here are links to two short videos to familiarizeyourselves with the heart and vision of the organization: v=_BF4Rnrcqvo v=x39wGgA1gGI

3rd Monday of each month. Different host and agenda each month. Great opportunity for spiritual growth, fellowship, and to connect others to the group. Bring a friend or two or three! Contact Phil Andrews to be a host or for more information.

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